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How To Get Rid Of Browser Pop Ups

How To Get Rid Of Browser Pop Ups

Here are some tips to get rid of browser pop ups. You may notice along with your pop ups there could be some random tool bars in your browser as well. Normally with this, your computer could house a few virus’s! We normally do a full going over when a computer has pop ups including:
Gettinig rid of malicious software
Scanning for virus’s and malware
system tune up
Restoring browsers
Getting rid of malicious software. You need to go into programs and features and uninstal anything that looks abnormal. You can google search items if you are not sure if they are malicous or not

Scanning for virus and malware. You need to scan using a few tools. We use eset online scanner, adwcleaner, malwarebytes and hitman pro. This may take up to 2 hours to do all scans. You may need to use a dedicated rootkit remover as well. You need to use all the tools to make sure the full spectrime of malware is removed!

Systemm tune up. This mainly involves going to “msconfig” and going to startup items and services and removing bad items and items that are not used. This will mean that the system will not have to load them on start up meaning it will be faster and that it will run smoother.

Restoring browsers. This depends on what browser you are using. You want to restore the browser to its default. You can google search on how to do this on the particular browser.

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