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How To Browse Online Safely

How To Browse Online Safely

be smart
facebook links
email attachements
malicious websites blocker
movie and music downloads

There are many things to look out for but you should at the least have: antivirus which is up to date, browser which is up to date and firewall on – this is an essential first step in browsing online safely.

There is no substitute for common sense when using your computer. But even if you are using this there are wily people out there using techniques to catch out the best of us. Starting with email, it is best t think before clicking on any link this goes the same for facebook links with tantalizing tag lines.

Email attachments: If you are using a provider like Google, their email system does a great job at filtering out spam AND virus attachements. But still, if you are unsure about something think about it first!

Downloads: If you are using a torrent system at one time or another you are going to get some nasties on your computer. A few things you can do is not to open files that appear as zip files.

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