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How Do I Set Up An Automated Follow Up With My Customers. Part 1

How Do I Set Up An Automated Follow Up With My Customers. Part 1

Follow up is important so I can make sure we have done our job properly and the customer is happy with what we have provided and if there is anything else they need they can tell us.

A manual system for following up is subject to not getting done as it relies on the diligence of you or your employees. Often this falls by the wayside. The way to ensure this gets done is by an automated system.

First lay out what you want to achieve. It is best to keep it simple as the system can get complex quickly. I have decided I want to email new customers that we do a job for ALSO I want the system to tell me if the emails don’t get read (so then I can schedule a call to them):

1. Right when a job is done with a survey
2. 7 days later
3. 14 days later
4. 30 days later

You want to write content for each of the emails you will be sending to them. For example the 7 day one:
“Hi [name]. Just dropping a line to make sure everything is good with the service we have provided. Please do tell me if something is not right!”

Note: The system will put the name of the contact in there. Notice I have not included a time or is too specific. eg. We fixed an issue on your computer 7 days ago. Keep it broad so it can cover anything (the service we provided) and don’t put times in there as when the email gets seen or when it gets send could be far off.

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