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5 Tell Tale Signs You Computer Has A Virus

5 Tell Tale Signs You Computer Has A Virus

1. You get pop ups when browsing the internet
When you go into you browser you may find that surfing is difficult. Its like surfing with a bunch of rocks in the way becuase you are constantly shuting down browser applications which have nothing to do with what you are looking for.

2. You get pops ups on the desktop
Some viruses install a hoax antivirus program on your desktop. This is normally “ransomware” as it trys to get you to insert your credit card details to delete some of the nasties it has found. It hasn’t found anything by the way it is fooling you. Don’t feel bumbed about having been dupted by this the people that make these do a very good job at making them look legitimate.

3. You cannot use the internet
Some viruses just work to kill your internet. Some can flood your internet connections with data. Similar to a denial of service attach on a website. So much traffic is created so that nothing else can get through. Another way it kills the internet is making the browser inoperable so when ever you go to a page it just says “cannot be found”.

4. You cannot use your computer
The Ukash virus loads on your computer and pulls up a screen that is very difficult to bypass. It usually has the local flag or details and local police details on it accusing you of a criminal act. It trys to exhort money out of you to release you from the virus.

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