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4 Benefits Of A Blog

4 Benefits Of A Blog

Keeping a blog has become nowadays a very common and easy way to connect with the rest of the world. Blogs can be about anything and everything. Any topic or subject can be converted into a blog. Life is a blog, we have questions and for sure there is a blog where we can find our answers. We want to share our happiness/sadness? Let’s write it on our blog.

There are several websites that offer the possibility to create your own blog within minutes. They are easy to use for everyone even for the most technologically challenged individuals. Websites like WordPress or Blogspot or Blogger offer quick and easy to understand steps to create your own blog.

There are many benefits of having a blog, we could go on and on the whole day talking about them. I’ll just name 4 of them.

1. Keep in touch with friends and family. More and more people every year decide to pack bags and venture in some world travels. What is the best way to explore the world and share the experience with friends and family back home? Of course, keeping a blog. Maybe 10 years ago it would have been unthinkable, but nowadays that we can get internet connection from almost anywhere in the world it is the easiest way to keep in touch. Easier than sending a postcard! Write about places you have visited, people you have met, food you have eaten and yes also about that gorgeous boy/girl that made your heart melt under the starry sky on a beautiful tropical beach. Surely back home they want to see these places you have been too so you can embellish your blog with photos of the most stunning scenery you have seen. Surely they will all wish they were there with you.

2. Share your skills. Do you believe you are very good at something or have a talent? Why not share it with the rest of the world. It could be anything from cooking recipes to building paper planes. Surely there is somebody out there that share the same interests or that is simply looking for something alternative. It is a great way to let yourself know publicly. Word of mouth is very powerful.

3. Keep a diary. Whatever it is in your life that you want to share with others. Personal problems, high fly social life, the latest party you have been to…anything you want to write about your life and/or ask for opinion or advise there will be loads of people on the net that share similar experiences and are wiling to discuss.

4. Advertise yourself. Keeping a blog is an easy way to express who you are and what you like. You can talk about your hobbies, your work, your passions and dreams. Nowadays many people add their blog to their CV or business cards so that potential employers/customers or new aquaintances can have a better look and understanding of the person.

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