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The Most Complete Computer Virus Removal Service

Contact us now to arrange a computer virus removal for your laptop or desktop computer.

Some computer fixit computer guys or companies are just one shot ponies who fix one part of your issue. The difference with our service is we don't just fix computer viruses we totally remove all traces of it and ensure the computer is free from ALL nasties and annoyances.

We don't just fix your virus issue up we protect it for the future and ENSURE you are 100% happy afterwards. With our service the virus is removed but also the computer is given a new coat of paint in terms of how it operates afterwards. It will start faster operate better and give you no troubles while browsing the internet.

And to top it off it will be completely secure as we make sure security issues such as firewall, virus program being up to date and malware programs are up to date. Plus we follow up with you again and again to ensure its STILL good months on.

"I was constanly having troubles with viruses entering my computer even though had antivirus installed. That was big problem because I lost important documents due to that. I was reccomended Chop Chop by a friend that used their services. I called them up and was able to arrange an appointment. Dom was great, he did scans on my computer and was able to get rid of all the viruses. He fixed my computer and installed a managed antivirus. I had no more virus problems since". - Carlotta Arona

Repair Your Computer With These Tips!



PC Virus Removal

We can do it at yours
We are able to do it remotely
If you like we can pick up and drop back off
Have an infected computer we remove it
If your antivirus program is out of date we can upgrade it

PC Run Slowly?

Infected computers can slow it down
Standard procedure proven results
Speed up computer

We Fix Internet Issues

Can’t connect to internet
No internet
Chrome no internet
Firefox no internet

Laptop Problems

Your laptop doesn’t power on anymore?
Laptop cord broken
Laptop power hole issue
Laptop screen is cracked

Noisy Laptop

Clacking or metallic noises
Fan needs replacing
Ticking noises
Grinding noises

Software data recovery

Find your documents
Find your documents a new home
Make your data secure

Other Computer Repair

Clean System, backup files
Removal of viruses/spyware
Repair broken/loose DC jacks
Replace touchpad’s, keyboards,
Replace hard drives, memory, etc.


Software and Hardware
Computer upgrade
Memory Upgrades
Hard Drive Upgrades
Upgrade my Antivirus

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